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Building An Intranet With SharePoint

7/19/22 9:24 AM

| Sharepoint, Intranet


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Microsoft SharePoint: How even the most basic features help substantially improve productivity and efficiency.

3/22/22 1:36 PM

| Sharepoint, Productivity, Microsoft

A typical day in a business organization asks for continuous collaboration among teams, managing documents, scheduling meetings, searching relevant information, tracking team progress and sharing emails. To effectively execute these organizational activities demands the use of a robust tool that helps collaborate, eases the document management process and works as a central repository for your organization’s critical data and information.

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Securing Your Office 365 Environment


Securing the digital assets of an organization must be a top priority in this age of cloud and mobile workspaces. Office 365 has been the platform of choice for many organizations to collaborate, communicate & automate. Office 365 has a host of offerings for every organization which strives for a presence in the cloud. With the vast range of abilities comes the responsibility to protect and preserve an equally diverse set of intellectual property and organizational content. Office 365 therefore has an exhaustive feature set which caters to the security and compliance needs of the customers. This post targets to touch upon the most pertinent of these features and give an overview of their capabilities.

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Why Should You Consider Migrating Your Legacy Intranet to Office 365?

Back in time, you would buy Microsoft SharePoint and build your own intranet on top of it. You would need to have your own infrastructure on-premises and employ a team of diligent professionals to manage the intranet services.

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Helping a Rapidly Growing Professional Services Company leverage Microsoft Office 365 and Azure

Data is vital to the health and operations of any business. Regardless of industry, any unforeseen event or disaster that disrupts day to day functions of a company can have dire consequences and put the organization at risk for financial costs, data loss and even reputation loss.

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