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Managing and Supporting Power Apps and Power Automate at Scale

With far-reaching effects of state-of-the-art technology, companies are gearing up for technology dissemination at the grassroots level. From small businesses and startups to non-tech individuals, everyone is getting exposure to technology and wishes to use it in some way or the other to further their interest. Gone are the days when app coding, developing, and designing were the tasks only the highly skilled developers could carry out. There are several simple, easy-to-learn, and user-friendly tools available that can replace high-end web and mobile app developmental platforms. One such tool is Microsoft's Power Platform.

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Connecting Power Apps, Power Automate, BI, and the Common Data Service

2/14/20 1:48 PM

| Power Platform, Common Data Service

Technology is ingrained into the very fixture of today's world. From our wake-up calls to the very last action we take before going to sleep, all our actions are influenced by technology. In businesses, technology has taken up a lot of administrative grunt work. However, many businesses find it hard to navigate through the ever-changing platforms of technology. This is where Microsoft PowerApps come into the picture.

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Bring Your Data To Life With Microsoft Power Business Intelligence

Humankind is making quantum leaps with technology and needless to say, data is the nucleus of this atom. In a data abundant world where new data is being created by the second, major companies need to sift through terabytes of data effectively.

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Empower everyone in your organization with Microsoft Power Platform

12/12/19 10:18 AM

| Powerapps, Microsoft, Power Platform

In today’s world, technology has become omnipresent. Due to increasing digital services, day by day, companies/organizations can shape their growth, change the industry’s landscape in a wider way. Technology catalyzes new business models, products, services, and, most importantly, the experiences.

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