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Azure SQL – Database services to Simplify Application Development, Provide Performance Insights Via Embedded Intelligence and Manage Security Threats

6/15/21 12:27 PM

| Microsoft Azure, Azure SQL, SQL Database

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Redefining Application Development with Serverless Compute using Azure Functions

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Azure Tools: The most effective way to Manage and Govern your Cloud Resources

6/1/21 1:01 PM

| Microsoft Azure, Azure Tools

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Azure Machine Learning - Building and Deploying models faster with DevOps, Innovation, Responsible ML and Open Platform

5/25/21 12:29 PM

| Microsoft Azure, Machine Learning

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Azure Synapse Analytics - Bringing Together Data Integration, Enterprise Data Warehousing and Big Data

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Data Governance With Azure Purview to Manage Multi-Cloud, On-Premise, and SaaS Data

5/11/21 12:27 PM

| Microsoft Azure, Data Governance

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Azure ARC - Avail the all-encompassing Azure Services and Management across hybrid and multi cloud environments

5/4/21 1:08 PM

| Microsoft Azure, Azure ARC

Azure ARC which was announced in the year 2019 is a strategic invention that enables Microsoft to spread its roots to the enterprise data centre and public clouds. This is because, currently, only Azure ARC manages both the modern infrastructure of Kubernetes and the legacy infrastructure of physical servers.

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Azure IoT Hub - An Excellent Way To Manage Your IoT Devices Through The Cloud

4/27/21 1:04 PM

| Microsoft Azure, Azure IoT

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On demand cloud compute capacity, seamless scaling, and instant virtualization – pay as you go, with Azure Compute

4/6/21 12:48 PM

| Microsoft Azure, Azure Compute

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Leverage the next level of Bot Service and Bot Development with Microsoft Azure

12/29/20 1:52 PM

| Microsoft Azure, Bot service

Conversational AI is a ‘brain’ that enables computers to understand, process, and respond to voice or text inputs in natural ways, and is typically used in conjunction with bots or virtual agents. It can communicate just like human beings by recognizing speech and text, understanding intent, decoding languages, and responding in a way that imitates human conversation. We have advanced from a world where people had to be learned about and adapt to computers, to one where computers are learning how to interact with people. Microsoft comes with Azure Bot Service and Bot Framework to help develop conversational experiences in applications.

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