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Optimizing app development with Azure DevOps that helps in smarter planning, seamless collaboration and speedy deployments

9/14/21 12:50 PM

| Microsoft Azure, Azure DevOps



Ever since the advent of technology and the creation of electronic devices like mobiles and computers, app development has been at the forefront. By designing and building different applications for these devices, app development is taking the current era to greater heights.  

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Using Azure DevOps to Handle Business Solutions

1/10/19 2:28 PM

| Microsoft Azure, Azure DevOps, DevOps

The modern world is growing at an exponential rate with new and updated applications hitting the market on a daily basis. The frequency of code deployment has changed from once in six months to numerous deployments in an hour. In a time of such fierce competition, it is essential for businesses to provide high-quality and efficient services to their users.  

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