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One Global Company - Now a Reality, Thanks to Microsoft Cloud Solutions!

Posted by Shailendra Singh on 1/31/19 11:00 AM


A design team in the US, manufacturing in Vietnam, with its IT support located in India and testing in various locations!

A few decades ago this might have sounded crazy and expensive. Today, this sounds completely normal and is an everyday event in most companies. Increased connectivity and better technology are what have made this transition possible. However, the process still suffers from some issues and is not entirely perfect.

But there is a way to make it perfect, and it is by using Microsoft Cloud Services. This technology is bringing about a reformational change in the way companies operate. It is removing the geographical differences and making all offices located in different countries feel like they are part of one global company.

Here are some of the key benefits your company can reap by choosing this service:


The first question on many minds when they hear about cloud services is:

"Is it secure?"

Well, you can put that question to rest with Microsoft Cloud Services. The cloud environment is protected with multiple layers of security such as Multi-Factor Authorization, Azure Information Protection, Advanced Threat Analytics, and Threat Intelligence. Using these tools, you can constantly analyze any threats towards your systems, identify where it is coming from and take appropriate actions.

Even if someone decides to get into the data centers to hack into the system, these centers are protected with access card readers, biometric readers and other such systems which stand to ensure that only authorized personnel to have access to them. Microsoft's global response team also works 24x7 to ensure that any threats detected are dealt with immediately.


One of the major worries, when a company operates from different locations, is that every location uses different devices and operating procedures which becomes a problem when all the locations have to share their work product, or one location is continuing the work done on another location. But with Microsoft cloud services, this will never be an issue. Microsoft ensures compliance with ISO standards across the board. What this means for your business is that all your work product, irrespective of its geographic location, will follow a standard format.


It is difficult to predict how your business will grow. Sometimes, unprecedented growth of business triggers an unprecedented need for more resources. Microsoft Cloud Services scales with your business. Azure loads your applications as a cluster that allocates a web application to a specific set of processes. So your applications are not run on a single server. This implies that server capacity is not an issue and therefore, it is easy to scale the resources to the needs of your business.


There is a common misconception that cloud services are only affordable for big businesses. But the pay-as-you-go pricing model of Microsoft Cloud Services eliminates the huge upfront costs and makes it possible even for small businesses to use cloud services.

In addition to this, Microsoft has pledged to maintain the AWS-comparable pricing. The competition between the major players in this field is only going to bring down the cost even further. And it has already been well-established that the benefits of moving to cloud services far outweigh its cost.

Hybrid Capability

Many businesses shy away from choosing cloud services for fear of letting go of their on-site resources. Some other businesses need to use their on-site resources and cannot entirely move away from them.

Microsoft Cloud Services offers these businesses a chance to integrate their cloud services along with their on-site resources. This makes it more versatile. So businesses can become truly global while also retaining certain local characteristics, making you a "glocal" business.


You can use Azure automation to create workflows that automate tasks.

And since these tasks can be created on the cloud, a manager sitting in the US can easily see the progress of a task that was assigned to someone in their Indian office. Automation saves time, lowers costs and makes the business run smoothly.

Reliable Backup

Backing up the data on the cloud is the best way to ensure that your data is always safe and is never lost. Microsoft Cloud Services makes copies and stores your data in 6 different locations. So even if a disaster occurs in one of your office location or in one of the Microsoft server locations, all your data is still safe and nothing is lost.

The backup and site recovery of Microsoft is boasted to be one of the best in the market and rightly so! So you no longer have to resist from operating in one particular location just because you are not sure about their ability to store and backup data.

Global Reach

Microsoft is a global company whose presence is felt in almost all countries. In addition to this, they are the only cloud service that can operate in China. China is a major player in today's world, and you cannot rule out operating there if you want to be truly global. Microsoft is also very adept at adapting to the requirements of every country.

Removal of Geographic Distances

Last but not least, a cloud service removes the geographic distances and makes it seem like all employees are working under one roof. Using Office 365, a Word document can be simultaneously accessed and modified in real-time from different locations by different employees. An Excel sheet that provides valuable information about employee details can be shared by the HR team at different locations.

These services make it easy for a team in one part of the world to have a conversation with a team in another part of the world. The Microsoft Teams can also help in setting up live broadcasts to all locations. This comes in handy when the top management of a business wants to communicate important information to all their employees, ensuring a seamless flow of processes.

Become A Global Company

Becoming a global company requires you to leverage cloud services. To do this effectively, you can employ TrnDigital. We can help you transfer all your data to the cloud, deploy applications on the cloud and aid migrate infrastructure. For any cloud deployment to be completely successful, these processes have to be carried out with the utmost precision. The best way to ensure this is to hire experts in this field and TrnDigital are the experts that you are looking for!

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