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Microsoft Premier Support – Managing your enterprise’s end-to-end support across the array of Microsoft Products and Services

Posted by Rajiv Dattani on 11/23/21 1:23 PM


As of 2021, Microsoft 365 holds the largest global market share for office productivity software at 47.5%. To meet the needs of a wide-ranging customer base, Microsoft launched a premium support service for businesses. 

What is Microsoft Premier Support?  

Microsoft Premier Support for Enterprises (PSFE) offers end-to-end management support across all Microsoft products and services. The services offered help organizations to implement and adopt the various tools purchased as per the licensing agreement.

It offers personalized service management by understanding your business priorities by assigning a Technical Account Manager (TAM). The TAM will help assess, plan, and deliver the desired IT environment for your business.

 Premier Support provides round-the-clock access to Microsoft specialists across the globe. The service ensures peak performance of the MS tools and reduces the cost of IT operations. The reduced downtime from these services can help the business focus on other areas of operation.

Difference Between Premier Support and Software Assurance by Benefits  

Upon purchasing its products and services, Microsoft offers software assurance benefits as part of the licensing agreement. These services are limited compared to those offered under PSFE.

24x7 problem resolution support under software assurance only provides unmanaged professional support for certain products and issues. There is also no scope for root cause analysis and escalation for a priority response.

Premier Support offers proactive support for IT health and risk assessment. The dedicated account management allows for customized solutions for your business requirements. It is the only service in the market that will allow your IT team a direct connection with Microsoft engineers.

Benefits of Premier Support  

According to a study by IDC, PSFE showed an average time of 2 months to meet the break-even point on investment. It also found the service offered a 78% mean reduction in downtime compared to competitors. The return on investment (ROI) for customers after 5 years was on average 384%. 

1. Optimized IT Environment  

Through dedicated account management, the Premier Support team can use their expertise to improve IT skills within your organization. They help equip your IT department with tools to understand the software architecture.

Their proactive services can minimize downtime using preventive measures. Over 5 years, businesses benefit from the $123,800 average revenue growth due to the reduced downtime. The in-depth support is capable of solving complex IT problems and allows for full IT optimization and maximum uptime.  

2. Increased Productivity

The 24x7 assistance provided can develop your IT department into a strategic and agile asset for your organization. Premier Support allows you to streamline operations as they develop IT strategies specific to your business needs.

It identifies and rectifies the inefficiencies in IT operations. Exclusive educational resources can be accessed by your IT staff to improve their capabilities and productivity. 

3. Reduce Costs  

PSFE gives you a quick return on your software investment through risk reduction and cost benefits. The business can save on the cost of hiring additional IT staff by being able to access industry specialists through Premier Support. Using their guidance on infrastructure design and development, the business saves cost and time.

Through incident management, PSFE prepares your organization for unplanned events, escalations, and service interruptions. By proactively recognizing operational risks and inefficiencies in your environment, PSFE can help avoid costly disruptions. Overall, it provides the highest value for the lowest cost.  

How TrnDigital Can Help You?  

As of July 2021, Microsoft no longer offers Premier Support to individual customers. Instead, they have partnered with providers who can connect individual customers to the right Microsoft engineers on their global network. The initiative is known as Microsoft Premier Support for Partners. 

 By partnering with Microsoft, the in-house management services team at TrnDigital provides industry-level consults to address your technical needs. If required, the team will escalate the issue to Microsoft Premier Support on your behalf. They will ensure it is given the top priority and resolved quickly.

Proactive Services Provided by TrnDigital

1. Risk Assessment Plan (RAP) as a Service for Azure Active Directory (AD) 

Define the health of your Azure AD through diagnostics and risk assessments. The results can be viewed online, along with updates on the best practices that will help you get the most out of Azure AD. This prevents issues from arising through Microsoft’s beta practices.  

The results can be discussed with a Microsoft engineer. Gain the expert view on what issues should be prioritized. This will help in developing plans to minimize risks and enhance your current environment.

2. Office 365 Network Assessment

Optimize your network by understanding the best configurations and processes for your Office 365 network performance. A Microsoft engineer can provide a review of your current network infrastructure and offer their insights. 

They can also improve the skills of your technical team to tackle future issues. At the end of the assessment program, your team will understand the priority steps to be taken and be educated through expert advice. They will be capable of identifying, resolving, and preventing issues within the Office 365 network.

3. Office 365: Security Optimization Assessment

The security optimization assessment provides an understanding of the security considerations offered under Office 365. The focus will be on three key cybersecurity functions: Protect, Detect, Respond.

The assessment includes reviews of both internal and external configurations that affect your data security. Current recommendations will be provided based on this analysis to improve your security posture.


Microsoft Premier Support for Enterprise offers comprehensive technical support for your business. Get in touch with Microsoft engineers who can guide your IT team in optimizing Microsoft tools and services to minimize risks, reduce costs, and prevent issues in the future. 

Your technical team will gain expert knowledge in the use of Microsoft products and services, which will allow them to work more efficiently. The result of reduced downtime allows your organization to focus on other areas of operation.

Through Premier Support for PartnersTrnDigital offers expert support services for your Microsoft network. Receive quality support that enhances the skills of your technical team and provides personalized solutions for your organization.

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