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Leverage the next level of Bot Service and Bot Development with Microsoft Azure

Posted by Harsha Vardhini on 12/29/20 1:52 PM


Conversational AI is a ‘brain’ that enables computers to understand, process, and respond to voice or text inputs in natural ways, and is typically used in conjunction with bots or virtual agents. It can communicate just like human beings by recognizing speech and text, understanding intent, decoding languages, and responding in a way that imitates human conversation. We have advanced from a world where people had to be learned about and adapt to computers, to one where computers are learning how to interact with people. Microsoft comes with Azure Bot Service and Bot Framework to help develop conversational experiences in applications.

Azure Bot Service aids in building intelligent, enterprise-grade bots while having control of the data. It enables bot creation with the ability to speak, listen, understand, and learn from the users with Azure Cognitive Services. It also enables users to use powerful AI capabilities with Azure Cognitive Services to keep pace with technological advances without machine learning experience. It 

gives the users the experience to interact with the bot using natural language and speech capabilities.

Benefits of Azure Bot Service:

  • For Business:
  1. Broad access to their customers and a new modern experience
  2. Reduced cost of development
  3. Helps free up employees to take on more value-adding activities
  4. Higher quality bots
  • For end users:
  1. Users can choose from a variety of conversation channels
  2. Users have trust and control of their data
  • For developers:
  1. Easier way to reach the broadest set of users where they already are conversing
  2. Bots are more capable because of supporting services (translation, profile, history, memory, etc.)
  3. Bring your own bot or build your own bot with the Bot Builder SDKs.

Microsoft provides an end-to-end bot building experience with Power Virtual Agents and Bot Framework.

Power Virtual Agents offer a no-code platform for bot development which proves beneficial for business users and domain experts to easily build a bot, without worrying about the technical aspects of bot development.

Bot Framework is an open-source SDK and tool that is purpose-built for bot development. Bot Framework is perfect for developers who intend to build a bot using a no-code experience and maintaining complete control of technical aspects of bot development like language model ownership and visual design. Additionally, Azure Bot Service allows developers to host and deploy their bots to popular channels like Teams and other messaging platforms where users interact with the bot.

Bot Framework Skills allows users to extend the bot – no matter the starting point. With Bot Framework Skills, Power Virtual Agents users experience a no-code bot building experience since they have the option to collaborate with Bot Framework developers to provide their bots with custom features. Also, Bot Framework developers can share their bots as a skill and allow experts to update bot conversations.

Microsoft offers an end-to-end, no-cliffs bot building experience that empowers business subject matter experts and developers alike to collaborate.

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