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Create More Value for Your Business On Azure Infrastructure

Posted by Rajiv Dattani on 1/9/20 1:52 PM


Technology is ingrained in every facet of the modern landscape. From the washing machines we use to the cars we drive, technology is the epicenter of innovative processes. It’s creating new opportunities and opening new doors every minute – transforming every traditional procedure.

Organizations of different sizes, small, medium, and big, are using hybrid and cloud technologies for innovation. One of the commonly known invention tools of these organizations is Microsoft Azure. With its deeply integrated services, you can build and deploy both complex and simple applications using Azure. It supports an array of frameworks, languages, operating systems, devices, and databases.

Simply put, Azure gives you scalability and mission-critical preparedness and resilience. You can spread your workload without any hassle.

Azure is the largest cloud network with:

  • Presence in 54 regions.
  • Optic fiber and undersea cables network of 100,000 miles.
  • 160 edge sites for high reachability of fewer than 30 milliseconds latency.
  • Disaster recovery sites created in every corner of the world.

How You Can Create More Value for Your Business with Azure?


With Microsoft Azure, you can gain on-premises, cloud, or edge access. It truly aims to reach out to you wherever you want cloud access. This offers you the flexibility to create applications in a way you want.

It simply gives a consistent landscape to handle your IT infrastructure spread in various environments.

Infrastructure for Every Workload

You can easily run Azure for every workload, whether you want to use it with your Linux server or Windows server. It offers additional solutions for SAPs, VMware, etc.

Azure makes it easier for businesses to move to the cloud and simplify workloads along with cost-optimization and dynamic working.

Azure Network 

In cloud and hybrid applications, network connectivity creates an intimidating bottleneck. However, we still require network connectivity to help applications connect with other applications and users of the system.

Azure networking takes a multi-step approach to aid these connectivity issues.

  • It offers fast connectivity for your cloud applications.
  • It provides a highly secure and maintained environment with Azure firewall.
  • It aids your content delivery services.
  • It helps you monitor the security and performance of your network.

This is achieved by extending Azure services through Azure Peering, Satellite Connectivity Support in Azure, and Azure Bastion. The latter two are now generally available.

Integrate Access to VMs

Azure has the largest network of memory-optimized virtual machines offered through the cloud of up to 12 terabytes. It also offers high performance for workloads up to 80,000 cores for one job. It supports SAP, VMWare, super-computing, and network files.

It has one of the highest performing disks:

  • Standard SSD
  • Premium SSD
  • Ultra Disk

Linux on Azure

Azure supports a wide range of Linux tools, partners, and distributions, which make working on Linux hassle-free and convenient. In fact, it offers integrated support for SUSE and RedHat.

Azure services are not only beneficial for Linux users but also for Windows servers. It has built-in hybrid abilities that provide a seamless experience across the cloud and datacenter. There are more than 2.5 million Windows servers using built-in hybrid functionality via Windows Admin Center.

One of the attractive benefits of Azure is that other competitive hybrid networks are almost 5 times more expensive than Azure. This means Azure is the only end-to-end hybrid infrastructure with a cost-effective pricing structure.

Windows Server 2019 and SQL Server 2019 

SQL Server 2019 and Windows Server 2019 together give you persistent memory, which increases the power of scalability and performance.

In most of the industries, intellectual property is extremely valuable. This need for security arises with the intellectual property that resides in computation achieved by the database. Hence, to address the challenge of security, the SQL Server 2019 has encrypted secure enclaves.

SAP on Azure

Several brands are choosing Microsoft Azure for SAP HANA. The reason behind this global shift is the unique relationship of SAP with Microsoft Azure. So much so that SAP has recently announced Azure as its preferred partner for the cloud.

In fact, Azure, SAP, and partners of Microsoft will guide you for SAP migration to the cloud to support the procedure.

With the help of Azure, you can combine your non-SAP data and SAP data using off-the-shelf services like Azure machine learning and Power BI.

VM Management: Scalability and Performance 

Azure has recently launched new additions for easy accessibility of VM for improved scalability of the cloud usage.

  • VM scale sets - shared image gallery integration and improved HA.
  • NVv4 virtual machine with GPU flexibility.
  • Premium disks with 30x performance capabilities.
  • HB series VMs with more than 10,000 cores.
  • HBv2 VMs with scale power of up to 80,000 cores.
  • Enhanced SAP HANA performance for M and E series.

Modernize Apps

Developers look at systems like Kubernetes for the modernization of applications. Microsoft Azure’s services related to Kubernetes aim to offer open standard benefits along with simple tools and scalability, governance, and security for apps in the container.

To make cloud and Kubernetes scalable, here are the new features announced:

  • Dev Space for integration with GitHub.
  • Prometheus integration.
  • Threat protection and assessment of container vulnerability.
  • Live deployments.
  • Object replication.

Enhanced Security

Azure gives you a built-in security provision for advanced security. This is achieved with the help of SIEM, which is built-in the system to protect your enterprise data and requests on the cloud. This SIEM is enabled with an artificial intelligence system that helps you track security alerts easily.

Usually, this is harder because on-premises SIEM infrastructure is costly. Hence, by offering built-in SIEM, Azure makes security accessible and simple. 

You can perform the following with Azure Firewall Manager:

  • Threat protection for IaaS, containers, SQL, etc.
  • Analysis built-in the system and URL investigation for suspicious activities.
  • Multiple firewall management.

Azure Governance 

Azure has extended its functionalities in terms of policies with the following features:

  • Apply Azure policy on KeyVault.
  • VScode and what-if extension and tag management.
  • Cost management for the Azure partner.
  • RBAC support for management groups.

Azure Arc

Azure Arc has been launched to help organizations manage their Linux and Windows servers, and Kubernetes clusters from the Azure portal.

Azure is the world’s computer. For your all-round cloud needs, you can find solutions and answers to your problems with the Azure cloud. TrnDigital has helped several companies integrate all aspects of Office 365 into their operations. Request a free consultation to understand how your organization can reap the full benefits of your cloud investment.

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