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All You Need To Know About Microsoft Premier Support

Posted by Rajiv Dattani on 3/28/23 6:54 AM

blogimage27thmarchMicrosoft is one of the top technology companies in the world and offers its clients an expansive range of products and services. Microsoft Premier Support is a service developed to provide customers with the highest level of assistance and expertise to help businesses stay efficient, productive, and secure. 

Besides, this premier support system provides businesses access to a team of specialized professionals trained to support Microsoft technology and software. These professionals can help companies with various tasks, including configuration, product installation, troubleshooting, and problem resolution. 

Keep reading the article below to learn more about the different types of Microsoft Premier Support and how they can benefit organizations.      

What is Microsoft Premier Support?

Microsoft Premier Support is a service offered by Microsoft to its clients to assist them in optimizing the use of Microsoft products and services. It provides different services, including technical guidance, support, and resources to help companies get the most out of their Microsoft products and services.

Microsoft Premier Support is designed to be a one-stop solution for companies that need help with their Microsoft technology and software. 

The service is designed to help companies maximize their investment in Microsoft technologies and products by delivering direct access to Microsoft's expert support professionals and a range of reactive and proactive support services. 

Premier Support is a paid service for clients who have bought Microsoft software licenses or cloud services. The service is generally purchased yearly and tailored to fulfill customers' requirements and help companies better understand and use Microsoft technologies.

Types of Microsoft Premier Support

There are three types of Microsoft Premier Support. Let's look at them in detail.

Premier Support for Enterprise

Premier Support for Enterprise is the top-notch support service presented by Microsoft. This service is developed for large companies with complicated IT domains and mission-critical applications. 

Premier Support for Enterprise offers a reliable team of support experts available 24/7 to help companies troubleshoot and fix problems with their Microsoft products. The service also comprises proactive monitoring and health inspections to help prevent problems before they happen.

In addition to technical assistance, Premier Support for Enterprise comprises training and workshops to assist organizations in getting the most out of their Microsoft products. 

This service also provides access to Microsoft's Premier Field Engineers (PFEs), who can work onsite with companies to help migrate, implement, and optimize their Microsoft products.

Premier Support for Partners 

Microsoft Premier Support for Partners is a support service developed to help Microsoft's partner community. This support service provides countless advantages to partners, including product training, technical support, and access to Microsoft's technical resources. 

Premier Support for Partners is available to partners registered in the Microsoft Partner Network. The Premier Support for Partners technical aid can help them settle issues quickly and efficiently and offers 24/7 access to Microsoft's technical resources, which comprises Microsoft's product support teams.

Partners can contact Microsoft's product support units via email, phone, or chat to resolve Microsoft products and services issues. Furthermore, Premier Support for Partners also presents product training to partners. 

This training is developed to help partners better comprehend Microsoft products and services. Partners can attend training sessions either online or in person.

The training covers various topics, including installation, product features, configuration, and troubleshooting. 

Premier Support for Developers

Premier Support for Developers is a support service created for software developers who use Microsoft development technologies and tools. This service provides technical aid, training, and resources to help designers create and deploy applications using Microsoft tools and technologies.

Premier Support for Developers comprises a devoted team of support engineers available 24/7 to help designers troubleshoot and resolve matters with their development environment. 

The service also contains access to Microsoft's Premier Developer Program, which offers resources and guidance for developers building applications using Microsoft technologies and tools.

Besides the technical aid, Premier Support for Developers includes training and workshops to help developers remain up-to-date with cutting-edge Microsoft technologies and best practices.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What is the response time for Microsoft Premier Support? 

The average response time for Microsoft Premier Support varies based on the severity of the issue. And Microsoft offers four severity levels varying from A (critical) to D (low). The response time for a vital issue (Severity A) is generally four hours or less.

Q2. Is Microsoft Premier Support available globally? 

Yes, Microsoft Premier Support is available worldwide. Microsoft has support and service centers globally to assist clients in diverse time zones.

Q3. Can I customize my support package? 

Microsoft Premier Support can be tailored to fulfill your organization's specific requirements. You can select from different services, including reactive, proactive, and technical account administration. In addition, you can add or remove assistance from your support package as your requirements change.

Q4. What is the cost of Microsoft Premier Support? 

The cost of Microsoft Premier Support differs depending on the assistance you select and the size of your organization. Therefore, contacting a Microsoft representative for a quote based on your requirements is reasonable.

Q5. Can I purchase Microsoft Premier Support for individual products? 

Yes, Microsoft Premier Support is accessible for individual products. You can buy Microsoft products like Office, Windows, or SQL Server support. On the other hand, you can also purchase a support package that covers numerous products.

How Can TrnDigital Help You?

Microsoft Premier Support is a useful service for companies and institutions that use Microsoft technology and software. This service offers businesses access to technical professionals, 24/7 client assistance, security support, and customized support choices. 

With Microsoft Premier Support, companies can stay efficient, productive, and secure and concentrate on what they do best - expanding their business.

TrnDigital is a Microsoft Service Provider and offers a broad spectrum of assistance to help companies leverage the full potential of Microsoft products, including Microsoft Premier Support.

The team at TrnDigital provides reliable support to help you with your Microsoft Premier Support requirements. It comprises professional and certified experts who can help you with any problems you may be facing.

You can also get Microsoft Premier Support tailored to your distinct requirements to maximize your investment in Microsoft products and services.

Overall, TrnDigital can help you boost your investment in Microsoft Premier Support by delivering proactive, customized, and expert support assistance.

Reach out to learn more.

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